Isolated surge protection

Isoled Artikelnummer: L-221162
Isolated surge protection

Isolated surge protection

Isoled Artikelnummer: L-221162
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Ideally suited for installation behind light switches - one overvoltage protection per light circuit. Compatible with all types of dimming.

LED overvoltage protection (fine protection) according to EN61643-11 for direct installation in the circuit of the lamp:

  • if other light sources such as fluorescent tubes are connected to the circuit
  • if consumers are connected in the circuit which generate switching overvoltages
  • as additional protection to the middle protection installed in the floor distributor in the event of a lightning strike
  • as a quenching element against voltage peaks

Combined surge UOC: 6kV, protection level: 1.5kV, nominal surge current 8/20: 3kA/ 8kA, switching current: 3A, cable length: 44mm, Un 230V/AC overvoltage protection according to EN 61643-11.

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