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    Cangini & Tucci Mouth-blown glass lights manufacturer Italy,

    Blown glass lighting Made in Italy. Founded in 1961 by Master Gino Luigi Cangini
    and continued as a family business, Cangini e Tucci conjures up lights made entirely by hand.
    The care in the details together with the use of high-quality materials make the
    essential means to deliver a unique product to valued customers.
    Each processing is carried out entirely by hand, making each product unique
    absolutely unique. Cangini e Tucci moves with the times and combines the modern with the unique
    Design: The lamp series was created in collaboration with the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam
    " Zoe van Gogh " , available as a pendant, table and wall lamp. The art of the greatest
    impressionist painter of all time meets quality craftsmanship. All lamps will be in
    Designed and made in Italy by skilled craftsmen and master blowers.
    The light series " Zoe " is one of the absolute top sellers and provides enchanting light effects
    the mouth-blown glass again. If you don't like it in the shape of a drop, you will get the lamp " flute " certainly
    like: The top seller breathes fresh air into the design of the lamp thanks to the elongated glass. And for everyone
    spherical fans: The top-selling series " pit " enchants with its minimalist design.

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