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    Made in Italy Flexalighting manufactures products whose quality can hardly be topped. maximum
    Color rendering index and best energy efficiency are just a few features of the
    lighting manufacturer. Flexalighting creates lights with the perfect combination of form and function
    and designs new solutions for architecture and landscape.
    Founded in 2010 by Roberto Mantovani, the company has grown significantly over the years
    and is constantly evolving. Due to the wide range, the products can be
    Use flexalighting in all possible areas: indoor and outdoor lights suitable for
    Apartments, restaurants and the service area. Products where a large
    Attention to the optical and structural quality as well as to the reliability, in light
    Realize high level solutions that renew the world of professional lighting
    The recessed ceiling spotlight is one of the top sellers from Flexalighting " baba " which in square, round and
    different versions are produced. Another top seller is the recessed floor spotlight
    series " Tera " which is produced in different finishes and with RGB light in each one
    garden provides harmonious light. With its simple design, the top seller series " Dusk " with
    light cast down the path. This lamp is available in different heights and can be so
    adapt to customer needs.

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