The right dining room lamp

The right seat lamp

When it comes to the topic of how to light my dining area, there are a number of things to consider. Basically, the dining area should be the center of life. Everything happens here. One is laughing, crying or drinking a glass of wine together. In addition, it can also be that the children do their homework, so you should always think about it when choosing the right dining area.

  • How do I use the dining area?
  • What do I want to achieve with the lamp?
  • Now we come to the basic rules of dining area lighting. Is it important to consider various things should the lamp be dimmable?
  • Do I have any wishes when it comes to Smart Home?
  • Should the lamp be adjustable in height?
  • Do I have to be careful with the weight of the light for the purpose of ceiling mounting?
  • How big should the lamp be?

All of these are questions that have to be considered when it comes to the dining area or the dining table lamp.

Now let's start with the topic of dimmability.
Basically, most pendant lights always have an integrated sensor, so we recommend switching a dining area light on or off with a switch and dimming it via the light. This has the advantage that the light does not flicker even in the lower area and the color temperature can usually be adjusted. As far as the Smart Home topic is concerned, we are still a bit skeptical because most lights can be controlled on the light and this gives you the advantage when you're sitting at the table, you can set the light's color temperature the way you want it, without issuing voice commands.

Now we come to the subject of height adjustability
Many lights have integrated rope hangers, you can't even see them anymore. Here you just have to be careful that you have the right room height because most of them only have an adjustment range of 1 m. The following can be said about the length of the lamp if you have a table with a length of 180 cm, we recommend a lamp length of around 1.20 m for a straight lamp. It also always depends on whether someone is sitting at the end of the table or not . If in doubt, contact our advice again to be sure.

1. Ring Light

Ring light Sara-60
The Ring pendant lamp or the circular lamp is an indispensable part of the current zeitgeist. The Ring lamp is hardly noticeable due to its round and timeless shape, but it does not have the thread or staid character of a bar. With a circular ring light, you usually have the option of controlling the light up or down separately, adjusting the height or choosing the color temperature. This is usually done by a sensor. This is installed in the lamp and cannot be seen. The diameter of the most common lights is 40 or 60 cm.

The following circular pendant lights have established themselves on the market:

2. Bar light

The simple bar light or also called bar light has the charm of restraint. It's a bit boring for some. For the other it is just right for bright light but still inconspicuous. The nice thing about the bar lights is that they do not impose themselves in the room and offer an even distribution of light over the entire table. Direct and indirect light can usually be controlled separately. The height can be individually adjusted and the color temperature can usually be set via the integrated sensor. The following must be taken into account for the bars. If there are chairs at the end of the table, we usually prefer to tell the customer a little shorter when choosing the right lights. If you have a table with a length of 1.80 m, we always recommend using 1.10 m instead of a lamp with 1.30 m, so that you don't hit your head.

The following bar lights have established themselves on the market:

3. Track pendant light

track pendant light

For those who find the ring pendant light too modern, but beam lights too simple. Mostly reach for the rail lights, which are mostly lights that are suspended from a rail or beam. Here you have the advantage that you can either mount the lights at different heights or pull them with integrated height adjustment. These lights are usually used when it is supposed to give the room even more character. Luminaires with glass or opal are popular. This serves both to illuminate the room and to warm the room. Most lights can be adjusted in height, dimmed or adjusted in color temperature. Due to the milky glass, the room does not appear dark as with other lights, but shines in bright light.
The following lights have established themselves in the market:

4. Something completely different

If there is nothing suitable for you among the three classic forms, then you can of course choose something completely different. However, experience usually shows that the lights that are cool, different or crazier do not provide enough light for a dining area. They are too big or dazzling. The best thing to do is go to a specialist shop and get advice there. In most cases, the specialist retailer will also offer you the assembly service. So don't just let our specialist trade colleagues advise you, but also be fair and let your colleagues know if you don't like it, it's too expensive or the price on the internet is cheaper. In our experience, it works best if you contact the advisor directly with the problem and be fair.

You are welcome to have a look in our shop to see whether there is the right lamp for you, or contact us. We are also happy to do a video consultation.

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